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While searching for a payday loan on the internet, it is important to understand which companies are actual payday lenders and those that are brokers or middlemen.

What is the difference between an actual payday lender and a broker?

The answer to this is simple. An actual payday lender has the ability to underwrite (approve) your loan AND fund it. In addition, they will service your loan. In other words, the actual direct payday lender themselves decide whether or not you qualify for the loan and then they will be the ones helping you when you have questions or concerns about your account later on.

On the other hand, a payday broker is a company that may help introduce new customers to an actual direct payday lender. However, they are not responsible for, or have the authority, to approve loans or provide customer service once your loan has been funded.

Here at, we are an actual payday lender, in fact, we are a direct payday loan lender, an Official Payday Lender. With us, you can get a payday advance (payday loan) in 3 simple steps:

1. Apply for a loan in about 3 minutes through our safe and secure online application.

There is no faxing, credit score checks, or long lines.

2. Get an instant approval.

3. Get up to $800 wired into your account by the next day.

In summary, an actual pay day lender is a direct payday loan lender who underwrites, approves, and funds your loan and a pay day broker is a company that helps introduce you to an actual payday lender.

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