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What is a Cash Advance

A cash advance is a type of short term cash loans that is taken either against your credit card or paycheck. Cash Advances are often inquired when there is an emergency or extreme need for cash where there are no other options available. Since they are high in fees and interest, and can affect your credit, we do not recommend taking cash advance loans from credit card companies.

Cash Advance From Payday Lenders

Majority of payday lenders including us, don't check your credit so taking a cash advance loan from these cash advance lenders are less riskier. Since a cash advance lender's main business model goes on these type of loans, these lenders do their best to make taking a cash advance an easier task. Below are the real Advantage of applying for a cash advance loan from a direct lender.

No Credit Check Cash Advance Loans

A direct lender of cash advance loans, we generally do not check your credit. Your full time employment and your stable income is usually enough for them to prove your ability back to repay the advance loan. Sometimes we may require additional documentation such as faxing your bank statement as we are about to explain below. Many lenders nowadays offer no faxing cash advance loans.

No Faxing Cash Advance

A majority of direct cash advance lenders have a thorough and secure online application that checks your advance loan eligibility and lets you know if you qualify electronically. The application will ask you for your checking account number including a routing number, social security, and your identification. Then it will confirm with your bank electronically your income and if your bank is equipped with Automated Clearing House (ACH) sytem. If all the information is electronically verified, then there will be no faxing required by the lender.

Instant Approval Cash Advance

Cash advance lenders that are direct lenders often have ability to let you know if you were qualified for a cash advance loan almost instantly. After filling out the cash advance application, it should take less than a couple minutes to verify all information and let you know if you were approved or not. Occasionally instant approvals is not possible mainly because some of the information could not be verified electronically. But to reduce that possibility, make sure you enter all your correctly. Be candid and honest about your income and your bank balance. If there is discrepancies between what you claimed and what is actually being reported by your bank, then it will be hard to get an instant cash advance.

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