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Payday Lenders Online

Looking for a Payday Lender?

When looking for some last-minute cash in trying times, having peace of mind is priceless. With all the payday lenders on the internet, how does one go about choosing the right one? And did you know that the majority of payday companies are third party lenders that are actually brokers for direct lenders?

Because they are a middleman, most of them charge higher interest rates and have a slower process than a direct lender. And unfortunately, overpromising and under-delivering may be common, promising high sums of money within a short period of time – “Get $1500 in 1 Hour – No Faxing – Bad Credit Is OK!” – Sounds familiar? And then after applying for a payday loan, your online application seemed to disappear into cyberspace with no customer service support, no company address, and no company contact information. Or maybe you were denied without knowing why. And then there are companies that you will never hear from, ever. Does that sound familiar?

WWith, a direct payday lender, you know that you are dealing with your principle company directly. Although you are looking for a payday loan online, knowing that your lender has a corporate address, customer service phone number and set company hours is very convenient when you need the help of a live person who cares.

What offers:

  • Fast Cash: With no middle man, you can get your money easier and faster.

  • Cash Overnight: Get cash up to $800 fast overnight. No hassles included.

  • Direct Deposit Cash: Get money electronically wired into your account directly.

  • Internet Online Convenience: By having the ability to apply for a payday loan online, you don’t have to fax paperwork, drive around, or stand in line.

  • Internet Security:Our safe and secure online technology protects your information and keeps it safe.

  • Instant Approvals: Know whether you have been approved immediately after filling out the application.

  • Easy Requirements: As a direct lender of payday loans, we work with people of all types of credit.

  • Friendly Customer Service:World-class customer service is here to help you get the money that you need fast.

  • 24/7 Account Access: View your loan status and schedule your payments online at anytime.

For the best service providing convenience, security, customer service, and fast response time, look to us, a direct payday lender.