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Easy Approval

Up to $800 Instant Approval.

Secure Application

Secure e-commerce and confidential loan application.

Low Rates

No hidden fee.

No Hassle

- Easy 3-Minute Application

No Faxing

*No faxing for most loan applications.

Payday Loan Application

*Note we may require faxing for some applicants

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Payday Loan Affiliate Program

Come be a part of Pay1Day.com's Payday Loans Affiliate Program, a fast-growing industry that will reward you for bringing in high quality applicants. With the increasing difficulty to obtain traditional loans, many are looking to us to provide quick and convenient short term cash loans for their every day needs.

So come be a part of our expanding network! It's quick and easy to join - we will provide you the banners links and creatives to help you get started fast!

Advantages of Becoming an Affiliate

The advantages of joining Pay1Day.com's affiliate program are as follows:

  • No caps on earnings.
  • Ability to be paid out per completed application or funded loan.
  • High converting banners, links, and creatives readily available to help you get started.
  • Competitive payouts.
  • Ability to send traffic at any time of the day or night, 24/7.
  • The opportunity to establish a solid long-term partnership with a leading direct payday lender online.

About Pay1Day.com

Pay1Day.com is the leading direct payday loan lender with over 30 years of consumer loans experience. We are dedicated to providing the subprime market with fast, secure, and convenient alternative cash solutions.

For more information and\or to join our affiliate program, email us as