House Passes $5 Billion Bill for EPA

Posted by Sara M. Varese

The House gives Congress until December 18 to finish a $5 billion bill that includes 7 incomplete spending measures and it is now up to the Senate to approve. The general Republican view sees the spending measure as irresponsible while the House sees it as essential. The spending measure includes a generous 17% increased spending bill for the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) for clean and safe water drinking projects, Emergency Wildlife Protection, Air Pollution Control, U.S. cultural heritage and resources preservation projects, as well as highway programs, and federal loan guarantees for large mortgages.

Republicans view the increased spending bill as irresponsible, especially with the current deficit. However, Norm Dicks, the Chief Author of the Bill in the House said that because former President Bush had cut back grants needed to fund these measures, the proposed bill would help Americans see great returns in natural resources.

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