Save Money by Getting Creative

Posted by Sara M. Varese

Sometimes we just want to go out and get something brand new or different, for example, a new pair of shoes, a new computer, or even a new car.   More often than not buyer’s remorse kicks in and we realize that we could have done something differently other than spend a large amount of money on something that we did not need.  So what are some simple and creative ways that you can save money?

Repair what can be fixed

Most of the time repairs on qualities items can be an excellent alternative to discarding this item and buying it brand new.  For example, perhaps you have a nice pair of leather boots witha  broken heel that can be repaired by replacing the heel.  It’s ok if you don’t know how to do it yourself – shoe doctors are usually available at local shops to help you fix this minor problem. Just take your shoe in and he can tell you if you can fix it and what the cost will be. A heel replacement can usually cost less than $5.


Are you in need of an item on a temporary basis such as a dress for a party or some tools to fix a door? Why not borrow these items from a neighbor, friend, or family member instead of going out and purchasing these items brand new?  Most women claim that they never wear their special occasions more than twice so if you have a friend or relative that is about your size, ask if you can borrow it and offer to bring it back dry-cleaned.  A dry cleaning on a nice dress usually will not cost more than $6.

Buy savings in bulk

Look around your place and take note of everyday essentials that can be purchased in bulk to save both time and money.  Some of these items can include toilet paper, bottled water, or even cellular phone plans that offer discounts with family and friend purchases.   Many companies offer significant savings for those who buy in bulk, so the next time you are making a purchase, see if they are offering any kind of bulk savings discount.


If possible, ask the person that has the product or service that you are looking for if they are in need of a product or service that you can provide.  For example, perhaps your friend is selling a guitar that you would like, ask them if you can mow their lawn or install new software on their computer, or something creative that you can think of.

The ideas and solutions are endless.

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