Finance Survives Credit Crunch

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payday loansThe website  Motorpoint has reported that people looking to buy cars are still looking for the proper credit arrangements to finance the deals including the right personal loans.

In the pole that went on for a week , a little over half of the people that participated in the survey said they would consider getting a car loan , in spite of the fact that many loans had been curtailed. The managing editor at Motorpoint had this to say:

“The results of our survey show that people are still more than willing to use credit to purchase their next vehicle.”

In other related news,  Honda will go ahead with plans to cut jobs at its Swindon factory. This move could very well put some workers in the position where they will need some manner of online cash advance.

The Union involved have said that they are suspicious about where the money was used that was saved from agreed to cut backs.

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