Augmented Reality: Not That Real Yet

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The author of the piece describes how he only needs to hold his iphone up and watch the camera image that tells him where he wants to go in Washington. It’s an example of what the tech world is calling augmented reality. It’s the latest thing that technology watchers are curious about.

This augmented reality is found on iphones and it can pinpoint a user’s location and feed information right on the screen about the exact spot where you happen to be at the time. It does have a big drawback, however, in that it doesn’t seem to work all that well.

There seems to be afew problems with this emerging application but hopes seems to be high that once the bugs get worked out, users will be able to point their iphones at any given building and get real time information about it. There are some misgivings about the technology finding places, however.

It seems that the icon on the screen that you will need to follow to get to where you want to go might be harder to follow in the end than just using a simple old fashioned map.

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