Job outlook for 2010 grads: Still stinks

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paydayloans bThe prospects for recent college grads to get the jobs they are training for isn’t very good. A new report shows that the number of jobs for college grads is at its lowest level in decades and although there will be a spike with smaller firms, the overall picture is pretty bleak.

Michigan State University keeps track of these statistics and they find that the opportunities for recent college graduates plunged 40% last year alone. They also report that they are hopeful that things are as bad as they’re going to get. Phil Gardner, director of MSU’s Collegiate Employment Research Institute, had this to say:

“Things fell apart really fast last year, but it looks like the job market for graduates has hit a bottom.”

It seems that the more education these students get, the worse off it will be for them. For example, Masters Degree candidates will see a drop of  11% in the numbers of jobs they can expect to apply for in accounting this year.  It’s interesting to note that large companies are the ones that are looking to decrease their hiring numbers by at least 3 per cent.

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