1 million jobless face benefits loss in January

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Many people who’ve lost their jobs are now in danger of losing whatever income they have as their unemployment benefits start to run out.  According to a report that was released yesterday, over one million people will lose their benefits in January unless the government takes steps to extend the money they get.

“Congress has less than four weeks left on its schedule to legislate this year, and unless it acts to renew the unemployment provisions during this period, the clock will run out for a million workers,” one official said.

The unemployment rate is at a 26 year high and having these kinds of benefits run out is a concern to both the government and of course the people who might be losing the money. There had been a recent extension in unemployment benefits but that took nearly 7 weeks to pass to the president’s desk.

Of course another extension is likely to get the support it needs on Capitol Hill, but the concert is once again how much wrangling will stall the bill as it makes its way into law.

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