$600 million spent to influence health care debate

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The amount of money spent to sway either side with things like radio ads and television spots in the national healthcare debate is well on its way to becoming a legislative record breaker.  The interesting point that critics are making about all the money that has been spent on things like television ads, lobbyists and political donations is that when all the money is combined it is enough to pay for the health insurance costs of almost 50,000 American families.

It seems as the debates heat up, the amount of money that gets spent increases as well.  A report published today says that at least one third of the $600 million that has been spent so far has gone into ads and other techniques over the last several months.

The groups that are spending the money to sway public opinion to their side of the debate arent that surprising. Doctors groups and executives from the health industry themselves account for two large groups that are spending money to make sure their viewpoints are well backed up. Some of these groups oppose the government’s proposed changes.

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