Obama trumpets Asia trip as boost to US economy

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Although the president is returning home from a trip to Asia with no tangible wins in the sense of  trade agreements of any kind, he says the talks that he has had with some of the country’s leaders there could lead to a road that will help create thousands of jobs for Americans and open up Asian markets for American goods.

The trip took him from Tokyo to Seoul and the president had some encouraging words in spite of the fact that no agreements were signed:

“Asia is a region where we now buy more goods and do more trade with than any other place in the world — commerce that supports millions of jobs back home.”

He says that one of the reasons for  the trip and one of the points that he wanted to make clear was that he’d hoped to reintroduce American markets to the Asians and in particular the Chinese.  Since the Chinese are America’s biggest foreign creditor, it stands to reason that the president’s focus was on that country and its relationship with the United States.

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