Kia Motors launches luxury Cadenza sedan

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Although there have been gloomy reports about the production and sales figures for some North American automakers recently, there is some better news from places like Kia. The company used an opera singer and a celebrity to launch their new luxury sedan, the Cadenza, and Kia is hoping that this new addition to their lineup will raise their game and get them a bigger market share even though the outlook for the global economy is still mixed.

The company was more well-known for its affordable economy cars before this launch.¬† However according to industry experts, they’ve taken a page from the Hyundai playbook by launching into the luxury sedan market.

Kia President Lee Hyoung-keun  said in a statement that the new car would increase the fortunes of the company and guaranteed what he hoped would be a much broader consumer appeal for the automaker. The launch of the Cadenza is not the only big news to come from Kia recently.

Last week they opened their first factory in the United States which is located in Georgia.

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