A Chinese-owned GM, it could happen

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Chinese automakers are looking at their options all around the world and buying General Motors once it goes public is one of the things on their list of possibilities.

It’s a crazy idea for those auto industry people who are used to seeing an All American General Motors, but industry analysts are saying that the idea isn’t all that far-fetched.

David Cole is the chairman of the Center for Automotive Research. ¬† He says it it’s quite apparent that the Chinese are shopping heavily in the American automotive sector. There’s no need to worry right away however.¬† Cole says a Chinese owned GM wouldn’t happen until the auto giant start selling shares to the public and that will not be for another year.

He did say the Chinese own a lot of American money and are looking to invest and he said the Chinese have showed interest in buying some of the brands like Hummer that have been cut loose by the auto giant.Even the companies that don’t seem to be in that much trouble like Ford are looking to sell some aspects of their operations¬† to the Chinese.

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