China Attacks U.S. 'Commission' as Biased

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Only a week after President Obama has returned from his Asian trip, relationships between the two countries have sank to a new low with a report in a Chinese newspaper that the Americans are accusing that country of cyber spying.

And unnamed Chinese government official has dismissed any reports of the countries spying and said the accusations could very well be an attempt to bolster the president’s sagging approval ratings. The USCC’s website reported on a number of supposed infractions by the Chinese, and this is the place that is the ground zero for the controversy.

The site accuses the Chinese of  increasing their efforts to infiltrate American computer networks using sophisticated methods.   However, many objective observers are the first to point out that this website has taken a harder line on the Chinese administration than the White House and that most of what is printed on their website is often considered biased.

Another point to be kept in mind is that the USCC has no actual authority in matters that would affect the foreign policy of the government toward the Chinese.

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