'Godfather of Spam' going to prison

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The self-admitted Godfather of Spam has been sentenced to federal prison for his role in an e-mail stock scam.

Alan Ralsky, 64, has been sentenced to 51 months in prison and ordered to forfeit a quarter of a million dollars.

A district judge in the Detroit area also sentenced others who worked with the accused. Ralsky’s son-in-law was one of the others that was convicted of the same crimes.

Ralsky and his son in law Bradley pleaded guilty to a number of charges that included money laundering and several violations pertaining to e-mails.  The men who are from Michigan pleaded guilty to the charges in June.

Ralsky  has a history of spamming that goes back  10 years . Before laws were passed to crack down on spamming he reportedly sent millions of fake e-mails out on a daily basis. Spamming became a large problem during the Bush administration and then President Bush enacted laws that were designed to deal with the problem of large amounts of e-mail sent without return addresses.

The Michigan accused worked with a Canadian counterpart who was also sentenced to 51 months in jail.

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