Italian Business Confidence Rises to 14-Month High

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Italian businessman are more confident than they’ve been in the last year according to a study done there. Those polled said that they feel more confident and are sure that their export industry will help them through the worst economic slump the country has seen in more than 60 years.

The manufacturing index the country uses to gauge how well that segment of their economy is doing fared better last month than expected.  However, it only kept pace with the average on the world scale.  Still that doesn’t damper  the spirits of Italian businessman, who are confident that in the short term things are on the upswing.

Like a lot of other countries across the world, Italy saw fit to use stimulus packages to reignite their economic platforms. In particular one of the country’s biggest exporters, Fiat motorcars, was a big recipient of these monies.

Consumer confidence that was measured at the same time also showed an optimism even though Italy is suffering through the same labor troubles and unemployment rates has other countries worldwide.

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