Cyber Monday shoppers: 4 million per minute

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Yesterday was the day where online holiday retailers pushed their cyber products with a variety of different incentives that included vouchers, free gift cards as well as any other incentives that could think of to get their fair share of the holiday money that’s being spent this year. And according to at least one cyber tracking company that monitors online retail behavior, the moves are working to get people to buy through the Internet.

Early estimates yesterday by a tracking firm stated that over 4 million visitors¬† were online and shopping in North America. Those were the numbers that had been gathered as of two o’clock in the afternoon Monday.¬† Some of the specials that are being offered are clear incentives towards getting people to buy on the Internet and many of them are coming from some of the biggest retailers in the business.

As an example, Wal-Mart.com is offering well over a hundred specials on everything from flatscreen TVs to electronic gaming systems. Officials from the company said the specials will continue until Friday or end when quantities run out.

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