Look Who's Stalking Wal-Mart

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It used to be that you could go into a Target store and see pictures of great-looking people doing interesting things and that was the way they tried to get you to buy their products. Now it seems the forces that be at Target have changed the way they are advertising to consumers. Large signs are advertising sleek prices now and the retailer even has a European style food market in some stores.

These are the people that have revolutionized the way American retailers display products and services to the consumer sometimes even using famous fashion designers to advertise their brands. Now it seems to some critics that the target stores are copying their arch rival Wal-Mart.

Even the suggestions has some of the top executives at Target angry. Still industry watchers are convinced that some kind of role reversal is taking place and that Wal-Mart is in fact taking ideas from Target who is in some ways copying the Wal-Mart experience.

It seems that after the recession, executives found the need for some changes to get shoppers back in the stores.

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