Obama's Big Gov SWAT Team

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With the amount of government spending that the Obama administration has done so far, the national debate over the role and size of government has been rekindled. Fears have resurfaced that the amount of spending will wallow the entire country into debt it can’t rise from, and many people are becoming skeptical about the government’s ability to spend tax dollars wisely.

There are a group of new professionals who have been picked by the administration to consult on this problem and that the head of this group is Jeffrey D. Zients.  This little known consultant has the enormous job of making sure that all of the governments 20 plus agencies are running smoothly and as efficiently as possible. His job is to help government officials set new efficiency goals. As well, he measures their progress and gives them the tools to be able to deliver.

“At 30,000 feet, the goal is to make government more effective and efficient by making it faster, smarter, and cheaper,”he says.

Skeptics are warning that the mission might be impossible to achieve. They warned that with almost 2 million public employees the federal government might be unmanageable.

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