The Slow Road to Jobs

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Traditionally, the road back to good employment after a session has taken longer and longer to achieve and now experts in the field are worried this recession might take the longest.   Some economists think it might take up to half a decade before all of the millions of jobs that were lost are replaced.

The signs that this trend has reached awareness in the highest levels of government are clear.  With the unemployment rate in a 26 year high at over 10%, there are signs that the federal government is quite nervous with a job type summit scheduled for early this month at the White House.

The fear is that the trend in unemployment has been gathering momentum for decades and wont easily be reversed. One of the problems the top economists are seeing is that the GDP has not bounced back as quickly as it should.  This is in part due to the fact that consumer goods in the United States are not seeing a great upswing in demand and that factor alone can account for unemployment remaining or being slow to recover.

These people point to the fact there are young people as well entering the workforce to bleak possibilities.

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