Haiti donations exceed $220 million

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One week after a devastating earthquake has left the country of Haiti in ruins, relief is pouring in through social media and other avenues to the excess of $220 million.

“You’ve got a bad economy and a disaster outside of the U.S.,” said one expert associated with charities. “It makes sense that lots of people gave to the Katrina disaster in the U.S., but to give outside of the U.S. like this is remarkable, especially at a time with 10% unemployment.”

Experts in the area of disaster relief find it amazing that the economy in the United States is so bad and yet so many Americans have decided to reach out to the suffering of the people in another country at this time.  And according to those who are watching the donations pour in, they started almost immediately with $!50 million donated in the first four days after the disaster alone.

However, one disaster relief experts said that there is a chance that Americans will lose interest in the donations will drop off.

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