House votes for faster tax breaks for Haiti gifts

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American taxpayers who make donations to the Haitian relief fund will be able to write them off under their 2009 tax refund forms that have to be filed by this spring. Under an older law people who make charitable donations this year would have to wait until next year to file them on their 2010 returns but Congress made the exception considering the gravity of the situation in Haiti.

The bill had no opposition at all and was similar to one that was passed in 2004 with the Indian tsunami that took hundreds of thousands of lives when people made similar donations then.  The American Red Cross made the following statement.

“The Red Cross wholeheartedly supports Congress’ efforts to aid charitable giving during this time of unprecedented need for Haiti, The outpouring of support from the American public is making it into the hands of the Haitian people, and this legislation will help us provide even more help and hope to survivors.”

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