Recess Before Lunch Helps Students Behavior and Health

Posted by Sara M. Varese

About 5 percent of the nation’s schools have adopted recess before lunch routine. These schools say that this change in lunch/recess scheduling improves the behavior, health, food consumption, and items lost rate.

In the past, having lunch before recess made kids in a hurry to finish lunch to go play, often leaving much left on the plate and causing sickness on the playground such as headaches, nausea, and vomiting. After implementing the recess before lunch program, the kids take their time to eat, leaving less to waste, consuming more nutrients, reporting less sickness incidents and visits to the nurses office, instill a more calm behavior when they return to class, and lose less of their belongings due to having more time and the ability to drop their things off in their lockers before heading out to recess.

The drawback to this change is that because the kids are now eating after playing, there needed to be more sanity measures put into place to rid of the germs that may infect the foods. However, this drawback is worth the positive effects of recess before lunch.

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