5 Creative Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas to Not Let Your Hunny Down

Posted by Sara M. Varese

For those who don’t consider February 14th single awareness day, we all know that it’s a day to reconfirm, or instigate a romantic relationship and prove that you are not boring!

Valentine's Day Heart

There’s a reason why you’re in a relationship and if you can’t find a good reason, well, Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to find one!  No need to feel pressured as you still have 10 good days to avoid the most common Valentine’s Day mistakes and find something fun, exciting, and or romantic gifts or activities to plan.  With a little imagination or creativity, a little can go a long way.

Here are a list of thoughtful, practical, and fun Valentine’s gifts for both men and women that won’t break the bank or anyone’s heart.

Yorkie DressDoggie Treats: Does your significant other have a pet?  Maybe your bitty boo has a little yorkie that needs a new knit sweater or your hunny’s pitbull needs a new spike collar.  I hear cock-a-poos love gourmet lamb treats.  Giving a Doggie Treat will be sure to please both the Shnookums and their Pooches.

Espresso Maker: Coffee… There’s something so refined, charming, intellectual, and romantic about it that people go out of their way to patron a coffee shop while sitting around people watching and discussing the latest global politics or local artistry scene. How about you bring that vibe into your Snuggle Bunny’s kitchen so the next time you guys are bored out of your mind with nothing to do, suggest that he or she make some espresso so that you two can discuss some exciting topics while enjoying a little cup of café au lait

Spa Getaway: OK, here’s a gift that men and women, but mostly women, would love that doesn’t require much effort on your part (i.e. ingenius no-effort gift disguised as big-time pampering). Who’s not going to want to be pampered in essential oils fully loaded with a professional massage, manicure, pedicure, and chill-time in the jacuzzi while being entertained with bottled flavored waters and a relaxation therapy cd playing in the background? All you have to do is get the spa gift certificate and let them do all the work while you pat yourself on the back for being so clever. Men, don’t be shy to go to one of these sometime as it can be very relaxing, and women, if you want this, hint this now so he can start some planning!

Valentine's Day Gift Idea | Romantic Winery
Valentine’s Day Gift Idea | Romantic Winery

Food and Wine Tasting: If you’re thinking about giving chocolate in a heart-shaped box with a side of red roses to your honey, you might as well staple the words “Lame” or “Boring” or BOTH to your forehead and call it a day. Don’t bring the the food to your Sugar Cookie, take your Sugar Cookie to the food! That’s right, get up and go out somewhere for 1,2, or 3 days – be seen and be happy! How about a winery for some wine tasting or a chocolate factory to taste some of the best chocolates straight from the source. Or what about trying a restaurant known for its goat cheese fondue that you two have never been to together where they have a world-renown dishes, creative seating arrangements, spectacular views, and interesting utensils.

Dance Class: It’s been proven that when you work up a sweat either through exercise or dance, you get your momentum going and release happy hormones called endorphins. So if you do this with your Pookie Pie, you both will experience a healthy and natural high that will be sure to get you both going. So whether you decide to do the Samba, Tango, Salsa, Swing, or Cha-cha-cha, dance classes will be a great Valentine’s gift that you two can share together – Olé!

Salsa Dance Class

Feeling the vibe? Getting the idea? There are plenty of creative Valentines Day gifts that won’t make you go broke and if you need some resources to help you out like a cash loan or borrowing from a friend or family, well then go get it because you  want to break the chain of having another dreadful Valentine’s Day story to tell!

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