The 5 Most Common Valentine's Day Mistakes – Know them and avoid them!

Posted by Sara M. Varese

Attention People!  Valentine’s Day does not have to be a disaster.

I repeat,Valentine’s Day does not have to be a total nightmare IF you stay clear of these  5 most common mistakes that can make Valentine’s Day terrible, or even worse…… BORING!

Don't let Cupid down!

Don't let Cupid down!

1.  Thinking Valentine’s Day is Cheesy: Cheetos are good and they’re cheesy too! So what? If you think it’s cheesy then take your Valentine’s date out for some cheese fondue at a venue that has nice restrooms.  Guess what, Valentine’s day is not cheesy but a romantic competitive sport played only by those brave at heart.  Can you tackle this? Can you make it? Make it fun, make it exciting, make it competitive!  Out do your partner, out do your partner’s friends, have a story to tell! That’s what it’s all about, have fun and making good memories.

2.  Believing it when she/he says Valentine’s Day is No Big Deal: If you believe it when your sugar pie says “honey, it’s ok, go to your ball game with your boys, Valentine’s Day isn’t a big deal, it’s totally overrated” then you’ve just been entered into a relationship test, a test where the teacher does not tell you it’s just began.  Get this:  No matter what they say, Valentine’s Day is a big deal which is why it’s usually always printed on Calendars.   If you don’t believe me, go to your nearest Calendar – if you’re at work, check your desk or your coworkers desk or the Calendar hanging in your company kitchen.  Is your ball game printed on the calendar? I didn’t think so.

Don't even think about it.

Don't even think about it.

3.  Being confident that chocolates and flowers will cut it. If you think that by buying your Valentine chocolates in a heart-shaped box, tied in a red ribbon, and throw in some red roses will make your Valentine fall madly in love with you, then you better just start building a time machine that takes you back to the 70’s when men’s bell bottoms were also still cool.   If you want chocolate and flowers to be a part of your Valentine’s day plan, then try taking your beloved to a restaurant that serves chocolate fondue with a plate of fresh fruits with a garden full of fresh flowers and live music.

4.  Not Planning Ahead for Valentine’s Day: This mistake often leads to making last minute plans which can make you end up doing mistake #2 which means that you have already made 2 Valentine’s Day Mistakes – 2 strikes, one more and you’re out!  Most people don’t plan and either have no money or no good ideas on what to do on that day.   Best if you had some cash but if you don’t and need to get a payday loan, borrow from family, or do some research on creative Valentine Day gift ideas, do it and do it well ahead of the day.

5.  Thinking Valentine’s Day is just for the chick: Guess what hunnies – Valentine was a guy.  Legend has it that Valentine was a Roman priest in the 3rd century who defied orders from the Roman Emperor Claudius of outlawing men to marry because Claudius believed that single men made better warriors – guess Valentine was more of a lover than a fighter.  Hence, Valentine is celebrated for his bravery and conviction in the name of love.  So, guys, don’t think that Valentine’s Day is just for the girl because one of you Romeos started it!

3 things to take away from this:

1. Do not be Boring

2. Be Prepared

3. Have a good time on Valentine’s Day

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