The Best Super Bowl Commercials in 2010 from each Quarter

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The best and funniest Superbowl Commercials on February 7, 2010. The second best thing about the Superbowl, after having an awesome reason to get all your friends together for a barbecue and a great volume of beer, is getting to see the year’s best commercials. Below are the the top 4 funniest commercials, picked from one of the Super Bowl quarters each.

Best First Quarter Super Bowl Video:
Two Loves in Life: My Mama and My Doritos

Talk about an aggressive protective little boy! Little man’s two biggest loves are his Mama and his Doritos and he has the spirit to fight a Giant to protect them. Gotta love the healthy sound of the awakening slap across the date’s face as he was digging into the Doritos.

Best Second Quarter Super Bowl Video:
All for One, All for Budweiser

No one seemed to care that the town bridge was out, but what was troubling was that the budweiser delivery truck wasn’t able to continue its journey without it. So of course everyone had to pitch in to sacrifice their bodies to create a human bridge so the truck can pass over. What other options are there?

Best Third Quarter Super Bowl Video:
How (Google) Internet search can help you plan your life

In less than a minute, this video semantically visualizes the power of search (on Google) and how it can help you plan your life out, from exploring the possibilities of studying abroad, romancing a Parisian girl, tying the knot, and eventually having a family. Awww how sweet!

Best Fourth Quarter Super Bowl Video:
Audi’s Anteater Green Police

Anteaters seem to have an undercover signficance. Aside from being UCI’s mascot in which they say, “We are anteaters because everyone appears as ants to us,” Andy the Anteater backs up the Green Police in this Superbowl commercial as he sniffs out environmental contraband and discovers 300 pounds of styrofoam to help save the day.

So now that you’ve had a wonderful time watching the Superbowl with your friends, blew some money on boos and beers, and are out to replenish by pawning your guitar or getting a payday loan it’s back to business as usual.

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