10 Ways to Save Your Hard Earned Money

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US economy is improving yet many Americans are still struggling with their personal finances so if you are among millions of these fellow Americans, you are not alone.  There are many things you can do to make sure you can stretch your dollar and save money  some of them are as following:

1. Don’t eat out as often: Cooking at home will help you save some serious cash. When you eat out, you are not only paying for the cost of the food, but also the restaurants overhead (employees, operating costs, etc) as well as the restaurant profit. Also cooking at home is beneficial for your health as you have better control of what goes in your food.

2. Make your own tea or coffee: Average cost of espressos drinks are about $4 a cup and average cup of regular team coffee are $1.50 a cup. Just calculate how many cup of coffee or tea you drink a week, and calculate how much money you could be saving if you were to brew your own coffee or tea.  The point here is to do things by yourself using your own two hands. If you need to do some welding or polishing, get a work positioner to help you hold your work piece down instead of hiring help.

3. Avoid Impulsive shopping:  Whether you are going to grocery store or shopping for other items, make sure you make a list of the items you need and less of the items you want then stick to that list religiously.

4. Pay Your Bills On time:  Paying bills on time will save you some good cash end of the year because you will be avoiding late fees and possible interest rates. It will also help you maintain good credit.

5. Avoid ATM Fees: Traditional banks make great deal of their profit from ATM fees. When you are going to work or going out, make sure you have enough cash with you so you don’t have to use other banks ATM. If you need more cash that you have on you, try to look for your own bank’s local branch so you avoid ATM fees

6. Drive Less and Use Public Transportation More Often: Try to use public transportation where possible. If you must drive, take the shortest distance, and focus on getting to and from your destination. Gas is expensive. Average gas price is above $3 a gallon and you could be saving good amount of money if you reduce driving .

7. Plan Holidays and Vacation Ahead of Time: Hotels, airplane tickets, and car rentals will be much cheaper if you book them weeks possibly months in advance.

8.  Reduce Your Entertainment Spending:  We all need to be entertained in one way or another. Some like to go movies, some like to go to bars, clubs, golfing, or various activities.  By reducing how often you go out, and finding alternatives to entertain yourself (for example renting DVDs instead of going to the movies), you can save great deal of money.

9. Regulate Your Utility Usage: Turn of the unnecessarily lights, unplug your phone and laptop charger when not being used, turn off AC or heater while you are not at home, and don’t keep the water running if not using it. This will help you save both your money and the environment.

10. Recognize Where You Stand Financially:  You may have friends who like to buy new cars, eat out often, and buy new gadgets and furniture often. It is OK to have friends like them but before you get influenced by their lavish life style, make sure you know where you stand financially and don’t spend beyond your means.

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