Things to consider when taking out a payday loan

Posted by Sara M. Varese

If you need some quick cash and are unsure whether you should take out a payday loan, consider a few tips that may help you through the process smoothly and avoiding common mistakes.  Payday loans are short term, small amount cash loans ranging from $100 – $1000 and are  meant to be taken out in between pay dates as a temporary means to fulfilling immediate cash needs and are utilized best when they are repaid within the immediate next pay period.

Get a payday loan?

Before you take out a payday loan

Ask Yourself What You Need the Loan For: Why do you need to take out an immediate cash loan? Are you in a tough situation or are you looking for some extra spending cash? Although payday loans are easier and faster to obtain than most other lending options, remember that they are meant to be taken out for a short period of time and repaid during your next pay check, which usually is for 7 – 14 days. Because interest rate fees can increase quite quickly, they may soon exceed the amount of the loan itself if they aren’t repaid quickly.  Therefore, just make sure that your reason for taking out a loan is worth the repayment criteria.

Do you have other options? Do you have any other means of borrowing cash like from friends or family?  With the right agreement in place, you can successfully borrow from a loved one and pay them back on your agreed upon date.

Understand the Terms: Again, payday advance loans are short term loans.  Because their loan amount is small, most lenders have to charge a proportionately higher interest rate and require a faster repayment period than other types of loans. Learn what the fees and interest rates are and when you should pay your loan back to best suit your needs.  In general, the faster you can repay the loan back, the better.

After You Take Out a Loan

Now that you have taken out the cash loan, remember the terms and conditions and follow them! It’s that easy. Put it on your calendar, daily planner, or send alerts to yourself to pay back the loan on time to decrease fees.  The better you are at handling your finance the more credit worthy you become, making it easier to obtain other types of credit.

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