Why Some Americans Prefer to Adopt Foreign Children

Posted by Sara M. Varese

BabiesWith the latest news regarding an American woman who returned her adopted Russian boy due to severe behavioral and psychological problems, we question why Americans turn to foreign adoption when there are about 129,000 American children waiting to be adopted.  The reasons are based on general false assumptions that lead adopting parents to choose foreign children over domestic ones with little regard to the financial aspect.Foreign adoption

The average cost to adopt an American child falls between $15K – $25K compared to the average cost of a Chinese child of $20K – $25K  and the average cost to adopt a Russian Child between $30K – $40K.  With these numbers, there are no financial advantages to adopting a foreign child as the domestic American child costs about the same or even less in many cases.

A reason why Americans prefer foreign adoption is a misleading generalization that American children waiting to be adopted may be delinquent juveniles, however, Soronen, executive director for the Dave Thomas Foundation, states that this is untrue and that these children are as viable as any other child.  Case in point with the recent adoption headlines of the Russian child – any child, regardless of ethnicity may be prone to juvenile behavior.

Another motive for foreign adoption is an assumption that there is less of a possibility that the original parents would want to or have the ability to reclaim their children.

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