California Residents Having Most Difficulty Getting into UC

Posted by Sara M. Varese

The year 2010 is being observed as the hardest year to get into a UC (University of California) by UC’s director of undergraduate admission, Susan Wilbur due to a 10% budget reduction of 10%. This year, 71.6% of the 82,000+ California applicants were admitted to at least 1 of 9 UC schools which is a decrease from 72.5% from 2009 and 75.4% from 2008. On the flipside, more foreign and out of state applicants were admitted, particularly at UC Berkeley. UC schools are enlisting waiting students on waiting lists in the meanwhile.

These statistics are upsetting California applicants because it is making one of their most stressful and important times of their lives even more difficult and even being placed on a waiting list isn’t enough.

Other justifications for decreased resident enrollment and increased foreign and out of state applicants is that the schools receive more in tuition fees from these students.

Another subject being watch is the number of minority student enrollment. Latino enrollment jumped to 23.3% from 22.2% from 2009; African American enrollment went up from 4.2% from 4%. Asian american enrollment remained the largest ethnic enrollment, being 35.4% from 34.9% from last year and whites represented 30.6%, a decrease from 33.1%.

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