How to Choose Your Next Home Based on NY Times Article

Posted by Sara M. Varese

Several factors come into play when selecting a place to live, your home. But how do you come up with the formula or method to do so? Coming across an interesting article from the NY Times entitled “Most Livable Neighborhoods in New York” is a study that chooses based on the following factors with the weighted percentage next to it which can be applied to selecting neighborhoods in any area:

Cost of Housing: 25 percentHome

Cost of housing is related to your income. What is your housing budget like? According to the article, this should be the most important factor in selecting your home.

Transportation: 13 percent

This covers cost of gas, auto insurance, bus, train, or metro costs, however you plan on getting around.
Shopping: 9 percent

Your home should be close enough so that you can visit the grocery store and other necessities.
Safety: 8 percent

I found this one surprisingly low in the ranks. However, I guess if you have the right security system, you could compromise this in exchange for better housing costs and convenient location.
Restaurants: 8 percent
Schools: 6 percent

This won’t matter much unless you have children or plan on having some in the near future.
Diversity: 6 percent

Creativity: 6 percent

I suppose this is ranked low because creativity is a luxury.
Quality of Housing: 5 percent

I am supposing that they mean interior amenities such as appliances, heating, AC, etc.
Greenery: 5 percent

With people preferring the convenient suburbs or city life, greenery seems a distance memory or luxury – more for vacation time.
Health and Environment: 5 percent
Night life: 4 percent

However, interpretations are open to subjection. How does one define a neighborhood to call your home? A park-like area, considered nice, can sit next door to a neighborhood known more for crime – are they one in the same or where does the line draw? And “creativity” can mean one thing to a person and something completely different to another. However, for study’s sake, the report lists the following NY neighborhoods as being the most livable, starting from the highest scoring:

1. Park Slope

2. Lower East Side

3. Sunnyside

4. Cobble Hill and Boerum Hill

5. Greenpoint

6. Brooklyn Heights

7. Carroll Gardens & Gowanus

8. Murray Hill

9. Prospect Heights

10. East Village

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