Icelandic Volcano Eruption May Cause Intermittent Flight Problems in Europe

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On April 15, 2010, a volcano had erupted in Iceland causing the largest disruption of airspace ever by the volcanic ash, worse than that of 911. Vulcanologists say that if the eruptions continue, the effects of the ash in the sky can cause issues for flights up to 6 months, causing a major financial strain on airlines. Flight cancellations could cost the airline carriers up to $16 Million a day.

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The situation is quoted as ‚Äúdynamic and subject to change” by NATS.

Why the eruptions are so damaging is that there are little pieces of glass and pulverized rock contained in the volcanic ash that can really hurt air carrier engines and air frames. Another potential problem is the degraded air quality that can cause additional breathing problems, especially for those with respiratory problems.

If these disruptions continue, the funeral for former Polish President, Lech Kaczynski and his wife, incidentally deceased due to a plane crash, may be delayed.

On the flipside, this air disaster has caused increased business for other terms of transportation with Euro Trains operating at full capacity between Britain and Europe.

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