New U.S. $100 Bill Will Be in 3D

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The federal reserve, treasury department, Bureau of Engraving and Printing plus the U.S. Secret Service are all teaming up to fight counterfeiting by redesigning the new U.S. $100 dollar bill, scheduled to debut on February 11, 2011. And because 1/3 of $100 bills are circulated outside of the U.S. extra care should and will be taken to educate people from around the world on the new change and design of this new bill.

There will be 3 new security design changes on the new $100 bill:

New U.S. $100 Dollar Bill

New vs. Old U.S. $100 Dollar Bill

1. Benjamin Franklin’s portrait watermark.

2. A security thread that changes color from copper to green.

3. A blue 3-D ribbon on the front that changes from tiny liberty bells to the number 100 as you tilt the note. This 3D strip is not printed on top of the bill but instead woven into the bill.

According to Ben Bernanke, Fed. Reserve’s Chairman, “This note incorporates the best technology available to ensure we’re staying ahead of counterfeiters.”

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