Mother’s Day Second Sunday of May, Traditions, and the Gift of Time

Posted by Sara M. Varese

Mama! If those were the first words ever uttered out of your mouth then you might understand the importance of the second  Sunday of May in the U.S., Mother’s Day.  However, Mother’s Day is celebrated all around the world, not just the U.S., on many different dates, however, the majority of these countries celebrate on the second Sunday of May, including Japan, Australia, Canada, India, and China.

Mother’s Day is rich in history and full of tradition, stories, and legends, and whether you call it the festival of Pâthâre Prabhu, La Dia de la Madre Boliviana, or celebrate it as the Empress Kōjun’s birthday, it all celebrates one thing in common – your Mother!

Traditionally, people celebrate mother’s day with carnations, flowers, jewelry, and kisses and all that is fine and dandy. However, for the mother who has enough trinkets and petals, how about a gift of time well spent?  How about a great new unique Mother’s Day gift that you can’t box and wrap up for a change?

Why not ask yourself some questions that may help you decide on a time-well-spent gift for your Mother this year:

1. What does your mother enjoy doing?

2. Does your mother mention needing to get around to something but just does not have the time? Find out what it is and reserve a block of your time as well as hers and escort her to this event.  How about taking her to get a pedicure, manicure, massage at the spa?

3. Does your mother need new clothes?  Do you have a mom that needs new clothes, socks, shoes, but just does not have the time? Take her to the mall and help her pick something out.

4. What kind of food does she like? Whatever the kind of food is, chances are there is a restaurant in the area that has good reviews.  Why not take your mom out on a date at a new restaurant with good reviews?

You really don’t want to force the situation, however, you do want to show your mother that you care and often it can be done without handing over a box.

Good luck searching for the right time-well-spent gift for your mother! :)

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