Maryland Residences Not Happy About Lack of Payday Loan Options

Posted by Al

Many residents in Maryland express their frustration at the state’s anti payday loan laws where it has taken away consumers short term credit options.
“I am an adult so I should be the one to decide when and borrow money not the state or the politicians” says George a customer who contacted us to apply for a payday loan but was denied because we don’t offer payday loans in that state.

Another resident complained about lack of paycheck advance and fast cash loans option in Maryland where she said she would have saved ton of money on late fees, overdraft fees, and other penalty fees if she could borrow cash advance from a payday lender.

The truth is that Maryland remains to be one of the states with toughest restrictions and laws on short term cash loans and lenders therefore many direct payday lenders such as Pay1Day.com don’t operate there and don’t offer their services there and that leaves the residences of that state with less money loan options.

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