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Another soccer FIFA World Cup has arrived and this time is being hosted for the first time, in an African nation, South Africa.
African countries have never hosted the world cup before yet they have produced many great soccer players who often end up playing for the European and other intentional soccer teams or as also referred to as football clubs.

USA has probably the strongest team it has ever had and it is in rather an easy group, along with world power house England, Algeria, and Slovenia. But easy is term relatively mentioned and because the other teams were among the best in their content which is why they qualified for the world cup. Also England is considered one of the favorites and it is ranked top 5 so Sam’s Army (another name for US national soccer team) will have its work ahead.
Favorites for this world cup are Argentina, Brazil, England, and Spain ordered alphabetically although African nations will have home advantage and due to nature of soccer being a low scoring game, any underdog can beat any of the favorites and win it all.

So make sure you don’t miss out on the world cup which happens only every 4 years, and cheer for your team. And if you can’t watch the games live, there are a plenty of websites you can follow the news on but FIFA world cup is the best source of soccer news. Go Sam’s Army, Team US!

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