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As we have have several posts regarding Arizona putting an end to payday loans, many existing payday loan consumers have become frustrated specially with lack of alternative options. Below is the comment of the day we found on an Article on AZ Family.

Ok, it’s a women’s right to choose to abort her child, but she’s not responsible enough to make a $50 financial decision…the cost of a $300 payday loan? Seriously, do you think all these customers are irresponsible and stupid? Could it be that payday loans make more sense than other financial alternatives? Could it be the customer can easily afford a payday loan, and the $50 fee is a good trade-off for him/her? There are payday loan stores are more corners than McDonalds…do you think you are so much smarter than tens of thousands of people and they all need your great wisdom? Speaking of McDonalds, maybe we should limit people to one big mac every week because too many people are fat. Maybe See’s Candy should be closed down b/c chocolate causes too many cavities.

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