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Payday Loan Fears Resolved

Posted by Emily

Go ahead and put your fears to rest.  If you need a cash advance online, you can easily find one.  In many cases most people have  had some sort of experience similar to this one.  Often times,  if you need a cab you will find it hard to get one.  On the contrary,  if you do not need a cab that is usually the time they tend to be everywhere.   This can also be true with our need for money.  But today that need not be the case since the growth of payday loans.   Cash advances are now everywhere and can help you easily solve your monetary worries.  There are several times when one may wake up one morning with an unexpected life emergency where the need for money is dire. What is worse is when one is not ready for such financial emergency.

In cases like this what payday lenders can offer will really be of great help however issues with regards to payday loan are making people think twice. There are several pitfalls associated with the use especially of the online payday service. These negative association can actually overshadow the pivotal role lenders online can play to the lives of people who are in dire need for fast money. Online payday lenders certainly can help a lot of people because they can answer people’s urgent needs.  The service can be very legitimate if person using this service will be cautious enough about doing so.

People need not  fear payday online transactions since there are several ways on how they can settle with a company that would not drag them deeper into trouble. First you have to be an informed customer.  Take some time to research  the things you need to know and understand about payday loans.  If you understand what the service can do and cannot do you are less likely to be fooled by any online scam.   Moreover consider reviewing your state laws regarding cad check and pay day loan.  This will give you a better view of how legitimate or how fraudulent an online payday lender is offering you.

Being knowledgeable of the ABCs of payday loans is just the first step on how you can remove the possibility of falling into deceitful transactions.  Try a trusted company like Cash USA Payday Loans.  You can apply here if you need to get approved in minutes.

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More Resources on Our Website

Posted by Al

We made a few changes on our website.

Also we added more articles to our payday advance page in order to better educate you about payday advance loans as well as our personal payday loans and cash advance, and payday loan resource, and direct payday lender pages.

As always, please remember our objective is to preset you, our customers with the best payday loan information possible to you can better take a decision when you need fast cash loans.

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Payday Loans Becoming Mainstream Lending?

Posted by Sara M. Varese

According to a survey performed by in February 2010, 95% of the people surveyed declared that their greatest financial problem is that they had credit history issues and difficulty obtaining a loan.  The credit crunch has made borrowing from traditional banking methods increasingly difficult, leaving room for alternative loans such as payday loans to grow from 500 stores in 1990 to over 22,000 today.  Payday Loans

Loans are hard to come by, even with good credit.  Payday loan companies fill that gap by providing cash to those with good, ok, and not-so-perfect credit and creating an environment geared towards mainstream borrowers.  For example, many payday loan stores are cleaning up, installing attractive shelving, casings, and lighting.   In addition, they are extending operating hours to service customers who are looking to cash checks after their regular working hours.

Online payday lenders are following suit by offering customers the ability to apply for a loan online, receiving fast approvals, and money wired into their bank accounts, all done from the comfort of the borrower’s home computer.  Although they mainly operate online, some online payday lenders provide full customer support via telephone or email.

Payday loans are easier to qualify for than traditional loans, however, most lenders still require that the applicant have employment and advise not to obtain too many payday loans at once, capping it out at  2 or 3 outstanding loans at a time.

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Payday Loans Debate, an Alternative Loan On the Rise

Posted by Sara M. Varese

February 26, 2010 Los Angeles, CA. As new consumer protection acts decrease traditional lending opportunities, alternative loans, namely payday loans, have been on the rise, along with debate from both the consumer and lender standpoint regarding policy and practice. No Credit Check Payday Loan

Comparing to traditional loans,  payday advance loans costs can be attributed to the ease and speed of acquisition with minimal requirements of income, credit history, and housing, along with the resources needed to dispatch loans more easily and faster, usually under one business day.  Because of these inherent risks, payday loans are offered at a higher cost. Nonetheless, growing controversy continues as the rate of borrowers taking out payday loans increases, questioning the loan’s interest rate, fees, and policy as well as their necessity.

The usual payday loan fees are $15 – $35 per $100 borrowed within a 2 week period (the period in between pay dates) and are meant to be taken out only in real need when other alternatives are unavailable, such as borrowing from friends or using credit cards.  In addition, payday cash advances are intended to be held just in between pay periods and not throughout the year, hence its name, “payday” loans.

Payday loans are not new inventions. Big banks have increasingly extended similar types of products under names like checking advance services, with Wells Fargo offering such a product since 1994. The major difference is that payday loans, offered by independent financial institutions, are not backed by the federal reserve, offering a greater risk to the payday lender, seeking counterbalance by passing costs to the borrower.  In addition, with the above-average payment default rate in the payday industry, it becomes more clear why higher risk loans, such as payday loans, come at a raised price.

Payday Loans Debate

If a loan is paid in full upon the first due date, then the interest rate of this loan falls approximately between 15% – 35%. The problem occurs when the borrower is late on payments or makes a minimum payment that results in rolling over a balance to a next term because additional fees will be applied to the account which can become very costly, especially if this is made into a regular habit.

The choice to apply for and obtain a payday loan is up to the customer.  However, the duty to notify the customer of the loan’s terms and fees befalls on the lender. If the customer agrees to the lender’s upfront notice regarding rates, terms, and fees, then that results in a contract with no foul play, not different from the decision of paying the premium price tag for designer clothes or luxury automobile.   In that case, it would not be similar to a hidden overdraft protection fee or arbitrary credit card interest rate hikes.

The problem occurs when there are concealed terms and fees such as the ones resulting in the Overdraft Fee Legislation and Credit Act of 2009 that protected consumers from too-small-of-a-fine-print terms and unfair interest rate hikes. If a customer is made fully aware of their terms and fees obligations, a providing lender, whether it be a bank or a payday lender, should not be held liable for the customer’s inability to fulfill them.

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Direct Payday Lender with Instant Approval

Posted by admin is a direct payday lender that can offer you the quickest most convenient way to get a payday loan. We offer instant payday loan approvals, no faxing payday loans, and cash up to $800 deposited directly into your bank account within one business day. Just fill out a short and easy payday application, receive an instant online approval, and then receive the funds fast.

As a direct payday loan lender, we know how to simplify and streamline the process so that you get fast cash with no hassles. We offer a secure online application which you can fill out from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Why waste time with brokers when you can get a quick cash loan from a direct payday lender?

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