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Payday Loan Fears Resolved

Posted by Emily

Go ahead and put your fears to rest.  If you need a cash advance online, you can easily find one.  In many cases most people have  had some sort of experience similar to this one.  Often times,  if you need a cab you will find it hard to get one.  On the contrary,  if you do not need a cab that is usually the time they tend to be everywhere.   This can also be true with our need for money.  But today that need not be the case since the growth of payday loans.   Cash advances are now everywhere and can help you easily solve your monetary worries.  There are several times when one may wake up one morning with an unexpected life emergency where the need for money is dire. What is worse is when one is not ready for such financial emergency.

In cases like this what payday lenders can offer will really be of great help however issues with regards to payday loan are making people think twice. There are several pitfalls associated with the use especially of the online payday service. These negative association can actually overshadow the pivotal role lenders online can play to the lives of people who are in dire need for fast money. Online payday lenders certainly can help a lot of people because they can answer people’s urgent needs.  The service can be very legitimate if person using this service will be cautious enough about doing so.

People need not  fear payday online transactions since there are several ways on how they can settle with a company that would not drag them deeper into trouble. First you have to be an informed customer.  Take some time to research  the things you need to know and understand about payday loans.  If you understand what the service can do and cannot do you are less likely to be fooled by any online scam.   Moreover consider reviewing your state laws regarding cad check and pay day loan.  This will give you a better view of how legitimate or how fraudulent an online payday lender is offering you.

Being knowledgeable of the ABCs of payday loans is just the first step on how you can remove the possibility of falling into deceitful transactions.  Try a trusted company like Cash USA Payday Loans.  You can apply here if you need to get approved in minutes.

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Payday loans save your day during a financial crunch

Posted by Al

Payday loans save your day during a financial crunch

Sometimes people have a need for some emergency funds. It is not an expected thing, but rather an unexpected need where they need funds to get through a situation. There are payday loan centers in every city all around the world, made to assist people with situations where they have an urgent need for money. When you opt for a payday loan, make sure you are taking one from a reliable source that has been in business for years rather than someone new in the business.

Look online and read customer reviews so you can find a trustworthy lender and get your loan amount in no time. They are particularly useful when you are between paychecks and have a sudden requirement for some extra money. If you do not have the time or need information on multiple lenders that can offer you a good deal, you can do so online. You can register with a site that will take your information and then offer you possible matches to choose from for your loan needs.

There is fax less payday loans as well where you can do the documentation process without the numerous hassles that go into getting sanctioned for a regular personal loan.  They are required to be paid back within thirty days in most cases and they are a great option when you suddenly need money and have no other sources at hand. You can electronically set up your account to pay out the loan amount at the designated date as well, saving you the hassles involved. There will be a limit on the amount you can borrow as this loan and so you will need to know what is allowed and what is not.

The cash once approved will be sent to your account form the lender within a span of 24 hours or lesser. Many Americans find this to be a real boon especially when dealing with bad credit situations. Rather than going for some secured loans where they may lose some valuable assets they can borrow a smaller amount of money as required and pay it off soon as they get their next pay. It is quite an easy means of payment and one that is preferred as it avoids all the problems of getting a loan when you credit score is low. It also allows people to borrow small amounts according to what they need than opt for a higher amount because the least amount available in banks for loans is rather large.

They are an expensive short term liability to be used in emergency situations. Most people who opt for this tend to pay it off immediately rather than seek an extension due to the interest rates involved. When done with caution these loans can be a real respite from a financial crunch. Payday loans can snowball if you misuse them, so it is important to only take them out when you absolutely need the money and it is a crisis situation. There are numerous families that have scraped through a bad phase using this!

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Be Aware of Payday Loan Alternatives

Posted by Al

Aspayday loans are becoming more restricted across United States and in some cases banned (e.g. Arizona or New York), many short term lenders are now offering what they call alternative short term loans.

These loans are less riskier loans for these lenders hence they may seem more affordable than payday advance loans.

Some of these alternative loans are Auto title loans, Debt Consolidation Loans, and Second Mortgage loans.

All these loans could cost you a lot more if you default, losing your car, your credit history, and even your house.

Payday Loans on the other hand aren’t as risky to borrowers. If you cannot pay for your payday loans on time, all you have to do is contact your actual payday lender and ask them to help you out with a payment plan.

You should have no worry about losing your valuables with a payday loan specially if you take a loan from a direct payday lender.

If payday loans aren’t available in your state, try borrowing money from a friend or family member, or even selling some items you own that you don’t need as much in order to finance your financial emergency. Try to stay away from payday loan alternatives as much as possible because if not paid online, they can cost you a lot more than any payday loan could ever cost you.

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TopekaWika’s Preferred Payday Lender –

Posted by Sara M. Varese

Because of the increasing difficulty of obtaining traditional loans, TopekaWika’s finance and research department has performed a series of tests to find the best payday lender on the internet, naming the winner “TopekaWika’s preferred Payday Lender.”  Many consumers have expressed frustration in finding the best payday lender. When asked, 90% of the consumers surveyed have preferred leaving the research and decision to the industry-leading search engine, TopekaWika.

Encouraged by the needs of the every day internet surfers in need of payday loans, TopekaWika has performed an in-depth search of the best payday loan lender online, basing the decision on a consumer-focused analysis of the top payday lenders online, concluding that the winner of of this research was, with CashLenderBonanza coming in second.  Yahoo and Bing are considering the same kind of research.

Which Payday Lenders Were Considered?

The payday lenders were chosen based on a 150 point system, including the requirement of the minimum number 50,000 of loans funded in the last two years, ease of application and receipt of funds, customer service support, online security, and user friendliness.  Of these criteria, the final 5 lenders chosen to be considered are:



3. NatlPaycheckers

4. ChickWriterWOW

5. CheckCashingManiac

What factors affected TopekaWika’s decision?

1. User friendliness: TopekaWika considers user friendliness and relevance of a website to be of great importance – the way the site has been designed, how easy it is to find information on the website, site navigation, load speed time, and content.   TopekaWika has found that has the most user friendly website base on the above-mentioned criteria, awarding JC, the Website Developer of the year, and Al S., the Website Architect of the year.

2.  Use of Application Form:   Many of the payday loan applications that were considered were either too long or complicated, a common complaint among payday loans consumers.  Therefore, during TopekaWika’s research, the ability to easily fill out an application was an eminent criteria. has been found to have the easiest application page: with a one page application that is easy to comprehend and fill out, taking about 3 minutes to complete.

3. Speed of Approval: The convenience of applying for a payday loan online needs to be coupled with quick loan approval to be effective.  Of all the payday lenders online considered, only 2 out of the 5 offered instant approvals, with being one of them, awarding Georgetta as the online lending underwriter of the year.

4. Ease of Qualification: Payday loans have become popular due to the difficulty of qualifying for a traditional bank loan, therefore, TopekaWika was in search of a payday lender that made qualifying for a loan as easy as possible. came up on top of this list for not requiring rigorous credit checks or credit score checks, and not requiring any faxing.  The income requirement was under $1500 a month. TopekaWika has attributed the meticulousness of qualifying criteria to Richard, awarding him the World-Wide-Web Business Analyst of the year.

5. Ease of Obtaining Funds: The ability to have access to the funds in the most convenient way was a definite factor in TopekaWika’s decision, namely time and method of cash receipt.  Many lenders have been found to take several days to transfer funds with delivery methods of paper checks. However, offers direct wire of cash overnight, or within 1 business day, the fastest time in the industry.

6. Customer Support: Contrary to popular belief, customers should not have to sacrifice the live human help offered from a caring customer support representative.  A popular concern is that customer are unable to reach a live human when they have urgent questions.  4 of the top 5 lenders have been found to have live support, with’s “world-class customer support” excelling in performance.  With glorious medallions bestowing on KC, the Online Master of Ceremonies and the Founding Leaders of World-Class Service Support and Operations to Jay.

7. Online Security: Transferring personal information online can be risky without the right kind of security technology. Many online payday loan lenders do not safeguard their online applications, leaving gaps for hackers to obtain and manipulate data.’s online application has been found to be the safest, utilizing Verisign’s security technology, awarding Ken the Business Security Keyholder of the year.

This extensive research, courtesy of TopekaWika has helped hundreds of thousands of people in search for a fast and effective alternative payday loan lender. We hope the readers will see the benefit of using

Googles April Fools Topeka

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Possible effects of payday lending deregulation

Posted by Sara M. Varese

Need Cash NowRecent papers written by Kansas City Feds suggest that payday lending deregulation might result in positive side effects, including decreased interest rates and better options for customers, summarized below.

By removing regulations such as caps on interest rates, barring of local banks, thrifts, and credit unions from providing payday loans, the marketplace will result in a competitive environment amongst payday lenders that will give customers more options to choose from.

Reducing the number of entities offering payday loans means reducing payday lending competition.  If borrowers have the option to borrow short term small cash loans from their own banks or credit unions, they may be less likely to use the services of payday lenders, unless they can get a better deal there, which will encourage payday lenders to do just that – give customers a better deal, breeding competition amongst banks and lenders.

The paper continues to suggest that putting caps on interest rates could mean setting an interest rate standard across all payday lenders.  Without an interest rate cap, lenders aren’t able to specify a “stable equilibrium price point to settle on.”  However, by setting an interest cap, lenders will all have the ability to agree upon a standard.

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