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Payday Loan Fears Resolved

Posted by Emily

Go ahead and put your fears to rest.  If you need a cash advance online, you can easily find one.  In many cases most people have  had some sort of experience similar to this one.  Often times,  if you need a cab you will find it hard to get one.  On the contrary,  if you do not need a cab that is usually the time they tend to be everywhere.   This can also be true with our need for money.  But today that need not be the case since the growth of payday loans.   Cash advances are now everywhere and can help you easily solve your monetary worries.  There are several times when one may wake up one morning with an unexpected life emergency where the need for money is dire. What is worse is when one is not ready for such financial emergency.

In cases like this what payday lenders can offer will really be of great help however issues with regards to payday loan are making people think twice. There are several pitfalls associated with the use especially of the online payday service. These negative association can actually overshadow the pivotal role lenders online can play to the lives of people who are in dire need for fast money. Online payday lenders certainly can help a lot of people because they can answer people’s urgent needs.  The service can be very legitimate if person using this service will be cautious enough about doing so.

People need not  fear payday online transactions since there are several ways on how they can settle with a company that would not drag them deeper into trouble. First you have to be an informed customer.  Take some time to research  the things you need to know and understand about payday loans.  If you understand what the service can do and cannot do you are less likely to be fooled by any online scam.   Moreover consider reviewing your state laws regarding cad check and pay day loan.  This will give you a better view of how legitimate or how fraudulent an online payday lender is offering you.

Being knowledgeable of the ABCs of payday loans is just the first step on how you can remove the possibility of falling into deceitful transactions.  Try a trusted company like Cash USA Payday Loans.  You can apply here if you need to get approved in minutes.

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Who Are The Banks Lending To? Can You Really Believe What You Hear?

Posted by Emily

Who are the companies lending money to the payday loan lenders? They are the banks, of course.  They are certainly not lending  to families and small business. In fact, these are the same banks who were bailed out by the government.  There are published reports where you will find quotes from these very bank lenders calling the payday loan industry a “bottom feeder” industry. So why are they doing business with them? For the huge profit. These banks are by no means hurting, but are making great profit at servicing this industry. Bank of America claims they treat “payday lenders as a discouraged industry.” But when their doors are closed is that really true?

These same banks have become slow to provide home loans for families and lend to small businesses, but instead have provided the financing for payday lending companies with whom they claim to look down upon and have distant dealings with.

This week in the Seattle Times, Bank of America stated “We treat payday lenders as a discouraged industry” “We have limited appetite for doing business with them.” But according to the chart below, you can see where a good portion of the money is going.

In their defense, banks, including B of A have begun to impose stricter rules for compliance . They do appear to try to choose reputable payday lending companies, including some large publicly traded companies that have good compliance, consumer disclosure and collections practices. Their claim is that they ‘strive to do business with only the most responsible of these lenders.”

When banks refuse to have reasonable lending terms for families and homeowners many have gone to nontraditional financial institutions, such as payday loan companies, for short term personal loans.  In many cases the lending fees are high because of the banks finance fee to the lender. For many, these are the only financial institutions that are easily accessible are check cashers, pawn shops and payday loan centers.

So why deal with “bottom feeders”? Simply put, the banks are under scrutiny from the government and are losing normal streams  of revenue that was enjoyed in the past because of new financial regulations. They have a strong need for new ways to make money and lending to payday lenders is one great resource for banks. Their comments about the industry being so distasteful, and how their appetite is limited in doing business with lenders really is a joke. The payday lending industry has brought them a great avenue for new revenue and they are enjoying it as the payday lending industry continues to move full speed ahead. It cannot be ignored that the payday lending industry is extremely lucrative especially where banks come in. For example, a normal $500 payday loan from the banks would come with an APR of about 287 percent.

‘Kevin Connor of the nonpartisan Public Accountability Initiative found that banks have extended $1.5 billion in credit over the past few years to publicly traded payday loan companies. They estimate available credit to the industry overall is as much as double that when privately held payday loan firms are included.’

Reports estimate that there are over  22,000 payday loan stores nationwide which make $30 billion in loans each year.

The banks borrow from the Federal Reserve at low rates, but last year the banks collected $70 million in interest payments from payday centers during the year of 2009 alone. At best their negative connotations on the industry that is helping sustain them is really all about reputation.

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Why Use A Payday Loan?

Posted by Emily

The average payday loan consumer takes out cash advances or small personal loans for immediate and unexpected emergencies that may be for, but not limited to, common necessities such as food and gas. It is a great option for those who are in need of immediate assistance.  With the economy in the plummeting condition that it has been in, it is not unthinkable that more and more families would find themselves in situations where a few hundred dollars on a short term basis would come in handy. In many cases, what has happened is that many  have used up financial resources and savings to cushion themselves during job loss or other economic stresses. Once those resources are used up, it can take many families months or even years to replenish their savings. Additionally, for those who have recently become employed, there also may be instances where a short term would be useful especially in cases where ordinary savings may have been unexpectedly depleted or inaccessible. In those cases, payday loans can provide temporary relief to individuals who may not have enough sufficient time to wait until their next paycheck.

Payday loans often have reasonable fees ranging from $16-$52 depending on the amount of the loan. The benefit usually far outweighs normal fees associated with the loans.   In uncertain times, many consumers have voiced that they are glad to know there is an option of immediate cash available on a short term basis.  Life can bring up many unplanned surprises. Now that online payday loan services are readily available it takes one less unknown factor out of the equation. Today it is easier than ever to apply online. One can do this without faxing and do so simply by entering a few lines of info and get approved quickly.   Click here

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Payday Loans

Posted by Al

A payday loan is a loan usually lent out for a short duration under 2 weeks. The average payday loan is for 8 days and the average payday percentage is around 15%. As per the statistics, 90% of the revenues that come to the payday loan lenders are from those who get up to 5 loans every year. There are many payday stores, in fact more than the number of McDonalds in the country. However, payday loans are apt for some situations and you need to tread the line carefully. In a payday loan, the lender gets a post dated check from the borrower, so that the lender can withdraw money from the borrower’s account after the stipulated period of time.

Mid Month Crisis

If you have a steady stream of income at the end of every month, but fell short of money in the middle of the month, payday loan is one of the options to consider. If your credit card has maxed out and you fail to convince your boss for a cash advance, then payday loan can save the day for you. Since you have an assured income at the end of the month, you don’t have to worry about the debt flipping over to add excessive interest. These emergencies could be medical costs, children’ education related costs or some big purchases you had to make to get a good discount deal.

If you are a businessman

Sometimes the borrowers of payday loans could pay an APR of 390 percent. At a monthly level this is a smaller number and there are many businessmen who make much more than that with the loan amount. If it is the time of the month when liquidity is most important, payday loans could be a good option. Businessmen could go for a higher interest loan to ensure they have sufficient money for the raw goods or other necessities which will contribute to the eventual profit yield.

If you are between jobs and your final settlement is delayed

If you are between jobs, it would be very hard for you to get a reasonable credit card or even a personal loan. However, the final settlement of the previous job always takes time. If this final clearance or settlement is delayed, payday loan is a good option as you are assured that you will have a monthly income soon. If you already have your new job, your 2 week payday loan might be a better option that breaking your deposits or asking from friends and parents.

The Big Sale

Every now and then something you need is on sale but you don’t have sufficient funds to go for the transaction. If a payday loan costs less than what you save through the deal, then it is a very good option for a week or two, till you get your salary. The same is the case when you are buying a gadget or car and the models are fast selling out. You might not really be able to wait till the end of the month.

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Payday loans save your day during a financial crunch

Posted by Al

Payday loans save your day during a financial crunch

Sometimes people have a need for some emergency funds. It is not an expected thing, but rather an unexpected need where they need funds to get through a situation. There are payday loan centers in every city all around the world, made to assist people with situations where they have an urgent need for money. When you opt for a payday loan, make sure you are taking one from a reliable source that has been in business for years rather than someone new in the business.

Look online and read customer reviews so you can find a trustworthy lender and get your loan amount in no time. They are particularly useful when you are between paychecks and have a sudden requirement for some extra money. If you do not have the time or need information on multiple lenders that can offer you a good deal, you can do so online. You can register with a site that will take your information and then offer you possible matches to choose from for your loan needs.

There is fax less payday loans as well where you can do the documentation process without the numerous hassles that go into getting sanctioned for a regular personal loan.  They are required to be paid back within thirty days in most cases and they are a great option when you suddenly need money and have no other sources at hand. You can electronically set up your account to pay out the loan amount at the designated date as well, saving you the hassles involved. There will be a limit on the amount you can borrow as this loan and so you will need to know what is allowed and what is not.

The cash once approved will be sent to your account form the lender within a span of 24 hours or lesser. Many Americans find this to be a real boon especially when dealing with bad credit situations. Rather than going for some secured loans where they may lose some valuable assets they can borrow a smaller amount of money as required and pay it off soon as they get their next pay. It is quite an easy means of payment and one that is preferred as it avoids all the problems of getting a loan when you credit score is low. It also allows people to borrow small amounts according to what they need than opt for a higher amount because the least amount available in banks for loans is rather large.

They are an expensive short term liability to be used in emergency situations. Most people who opt for this tend to pay it off immediately rather than seek an extension due to the interest rates involved. When done with caution these loans can be a real respite from a financial crunch. Payday loans can snowball if you misuse them, so it is important to only take them out when you absolutely need the money and it is a crisis situation. There are numerous families that have scraped through a bad phase using this!

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May Provides Payday Loans to Those Denied by CashNetUSA and other Payday Lenders

Posted by Sara M. Varese

Short-term loan borrowers have been having difficulty obtaining loans, especially payday loans from lenders such as CashNetUSA.  These borrowers have experienced being denied a second chance at getting a loan for seemingly insignificant reasons.   Therefore, these borrowers have had to seek loans elsewhere, such as at, a direct lender who offers payday loans online with more flexible terms. is a direct payday lender that has helped thousands of people get a quick payday advance regardless of their loan approval history, bad credit, little credit, low income, or short employment history.  “, we want to help!” – Helps offers borrowers a second chance

“@, we understand that everyone deserves another chance at getting a loan because everyone’s situation changes.  It’s OK If you have been turned down by other lenders such as CashNetUSA. A person may need cash more than ever and also be in a better situation to borrow the money and we are here to help. “ – offers no fax payday loans, instant approvals, no credit score checks, and cash up to $800 by the very next business day and in some cases, on the very same day.

What Can I Do if I Can’t get a Payday Loan Anywhere?

If this question has ever entered your mind then Pay1Day advises that you try their services to see the difference. is here to help you get the payday cash advance that you need with the most convenience, ease, and flexibility as possible.  So don’t worry if you have been denied by CashnetUSA for a payday advance or PaydayOne has said ‘no’ before – at, we want to say yes! Give us a shot and apply here now!

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College Students Adapting To Tough Economy

Posted by Al

Due to our current economic crisis, college students all over the country are making several changes in order to stay afloat financially and continue their education according to loan blog of direct payday lender Pay1Day. Whether just beginning their post-high school educational journey or chasing down a graduates degree, students everywhere find themselves making adjustments and changing existing trends in order to stay afloat amidst these tight economic times.

Some of these changing trends are reflected in a recent annual survey by the Princeton Review entitled “College Hopes & Worries Survey” which surveys both college-bound high school grads and their parents. The study shows that 68% of students reporting high stress levels, and that the largest concern (37%) among parents and students alike is that they (the student) will be accepted to their first choice school but be unable to afford it especially when loans are difficult to obtain.

And for those already enrolled, the student housing situation at many colleges seems to be a changing concern as well. In the past many juniors and seniors move to off-campus housing, whereas this year many are staying on-campus to save money or taking out personal payday loans to make ends meet. This leaves many students scrambling with only weeks to find scarce and more expensive off-campus housing at a time when they need to save money on living expenses to make ends meet.

Understandably, the percentage of students employed while attending school has also increased recently as well. Although this seems like a viable and ultimately “honorable” option during an economic crunch, this may eventually become an issue for students from smaller community colleges. With more and more students entering the workplace while still in school, this could drastically affect the job market especially in these smaller colleges and communities.

Not only students are feeling the crunch. Faculty, administrators and many more are making the necessary changes to stay on top of these changing trends. Many schools are actually starting to get away from offering loans which would start most student careers off in a state of debt. Grants and work-study programs are some of the options replacing loans in financial aid packages.

Although the economy is certainly making it tougher for some students to pursue their higher education, it is comforting to see that most students aren’t giving up on their dreams. We can only hope that these struggles will only help to make our future workforce more resourceful and independent in the future.

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Apr’s Payday Loans Affiliate Program

Posted by Sara M. Varese

Are you an internet marketer looking for a rewarding and lucrative new business to market? Here it is! is the leading direct payday loan lender online. To learn more about our payday loan affiliate program, click here.

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Consumer Credit Options Trampled in Push for Financial Regulation

Posted by Sara M. Varese

By: Gabriel Rodriguez

The newly proposed and widely debated creation of a Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPA) under house legislation (H.R. 4173) have critics questioning how its regulation could realistically help the current state of economic crisis and its potential for limiting consumer credit options.

In an article by South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint, the following was stated regarding Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd’s (D-Conn.) proposed legislation: “This is regulation without reform. The bill doesn’t contain any of the answers needed to solve the underlying problems that led to the 2008 banking collapse.”  Senator DeMint further explained that the office will have “sweeping authority” to regulate nearly anything considered to be financial activity, from car dealerships who offer financing, to the many retailers who offer credit cards.

Another concern that the proposed agency seems to overlook is directly related to that of the consumers that they are protecting: what about the raised costs and limited choices in products available for consumers once the legislation is approved?  In addition, the primary entities seemingly concerned about providing consumers with options for short-term or alternative forms of credit are those currently providing said services, and also, the same businesses that are under fire for the proposed CFPA – the Payday Loan Lending or Payday Cash Advance Industry.

Payday loans and other similar types of short-term loans have been on the rise since the early 1990’s, recently booming due in part to the current economic crisis.  This Industry could be one of many forms of alternative consumer credit that faces being “regulated” out of existing sustainability if the CFPA receives the support and authority some senators and congressman are currently seeking.   In addition, the industry will now face new federal laws, on top of existing regulations, in the name of “consumer protection,” while limiting consumer options in the process with no current proposal for alternative consumer credit options to these payday loans.

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TopekaWika’s Preferred Payday Lender –

Posted by Sara M. Varese

Because of the increasing difficulty of obtaining traditional loans, TopekaWika’s finance and research department has performed a series of tests to find the best payday lender on the internet, naming the winner “TopekaWika’s preferred Payday Lender.”  Many consumers have expressed frustration in finding the best payday lender. When asked, 90% of the consumers surveyed have preferred leaving the research and decision to the industry-leading search engine, TopekaWika.

Encouraged by the needs of the every day internet surfers in need of payday loans, TopekaWika has performed an in-depth search of the best payday loan lender online, basing the decision on a consumer-focused analysis of the top payday lenders online, concluding that the winner of of this research was, with CashLenderBonanza coming in second.  Yahoo and Bing are considering the same kind of research.

Which Payday Lenders Were Considered?

The payday lenders were chosen based on a 150 point system, including the requirement of the minimum number 50,000 of loans funded in the last two years, ease of application and receipt of funds, customer service support, online security, and user friendliness.  Of these criteria, the final 5 lenders chosen to be considered are:



3. NatlPaycheckers

4. ChickWriterWOW

5. CheckCashingManiac

What factors affected TopekaWika’s decision?

1. User friendliness: TopekaWika considers user friendliness and relevance of a website to be of great importance – the way the site has been designed, how easy it is to find information on the website, site navigation, load speed time, and content.   TopekaWika has found that has the most user friendly website base on the above-mentioned criteria, awarding JC, the Website Developer of the year, and Al S., the Website Architect of the year.

2.  Use of Application Form:   Many of the payday loan applications that were considered were either too long or complicated, a common complaint among payday loans consumers.  Therefore, during TopekaWika’s research, the ability to easily fill out an application was an eminent criteria. has been found to have the easiest application page: with a one page application that is easy to comprehend and fill out, taking about 3 minutes to complete.

3. Speed of Approval: The convenience of applying for a payday loan online needs to be coupled with quick loan approval to be effective.  Of all the payday lenders online considered, only 2 out of the 5 offered instant approvals, with being one of them, awarding Georgetta as the online lending underwriter of the year.

4. Ease of Qualification: Payday loans have become popular due to the difficulty of qualifying for a traditional bank loan, therefore, TopekaWika was in search of a payday lender that made qualifying for a loan as easy as possible. came up on top of this list for not requiring rigorous credit checks or credit score checks, and not requiring any faxing.  The income requirement was under $1500 a month. TopekaWika has attributed the meticulousness of qualifying criteria to Richard, awarding him the World-Wide-Web Business Analyst of the year.

5. Ease of Obtaining Funds: The ability to have access to the funds in the most convenient way was a definite factor in TopekaWika’s decision, namely time and method of cash receipt.  Many lenders have been found to take several days to transfer funds with delivery methods of paper checks. However, offers direct wire of cash overnight, or within 1 business day, the fastest time in the industry.

6. Customer Support: Contrary to popular belief, customers should not have to sacrifice the live human help offered from a caring customer support representative.  A popular concern is that customer are unable to reach a live human when they have urgent questions.  4 of the top 5 lenders have been found to have live support, with’s “world-class customer support” excelling in performance.  With glorious medallions bestowing on KC, the Online Master of Ceremonies and the Founding Leaders of World-Class Service Support and Operations to Jay.

7. Online Security: Transferring personal information online can be risky without the right kind of security technology. Many online payday loan lenders do not safeguard their online applications, leaving gaps for hackers to obtain and manipulate data.’s online application has been found to be the safest, utilizing Verisign’s security technology, awarding Ken the Business Security Keyholder of the year.

This extensive research, courtesy of TopekaWika has helped hundreds of thousands of people in search for a fast and effective alternative payday loan lender. We hope the readers will see the benefit of using

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