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9 ways to save your money

There are so many ways to save money. Incorporate more and more of these saving tips into your life and by the end of each year, it is not surprise that you will find your saving account with an extra couple thousands of dollars. Here are some of the saving tips that may use as a guideline.

Make your own coffee: Instead of buying coffee every morning, try to make it at home or the best is to skip it, this way not only good for saving but also for your health.

Make your own lunch: Try to eat out as less as you can. This can save you at least $5 a meal or $10 a day which means $3,650 a year. Isn’t it so good to save an extra couple thousands of dollars a year?

Have a list of items before go for grocery: Try to have a list with all the items before going to grocery, this save you a bunch of time and gas as well.

Buying in bulk whenever it’s possible: When it comes to non-perishable items such as cereals, pasta, soda, toothpaste etc, try to buy it in bulk whenever you find something on sale, this way can save you quite a bit of money.

Pay your bill on time: Pay all your bills before due day to avoid any unnecessary late charges. Have a note on your calendar to remind yourself for all the payments due.

Pay off your debt as soon as possible: if you have any credit card debt or loan, focus your money into it and try to pay it off as soon as you can. The soonest you pay off the debt, the less interest you need to pay.

Carpool whenever possible: Share-ride is another way to save your time, money and gas, think of sharing a ride with colleague or spouse whenever it’s possible.

Hybrid vs Gas car: if you are thinking to buy another car, consider hybrid. It can save both money on gas and a much better mileage then the gas car. Another way that can save you money on hybrid car is that you won’t need to change your brake pad as often due to its braking technology.

Borrow books instead of buying: if you are a bibliophile and spend couple hundred dollars a month in buying books, there is an alternative way that can save your money. Check with your local public library next time before you go to the bookstore, that might save you half of your money spending on books every month.